Todorovic Cabernet Sauvignon

A harmonious, fruity wine with a complex refined structure, refreshing aroma, with an inevitably exciting finish.

100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Serving temperature 16° - 18 °


Alk. 14%

Cabernet Sauvignon

is one of the most famous and widespread varieties
in the world, considered by many to be the "king of black grapes". The variety is easy to grow. The strong tree allows it
to survive very harsh winters. Due to the late flowering of this variety, there is no fear of spring
frosts, however, late ripening in certain years can be problematic due to cold
and wet autumns.

Cabernet Sauvignon got its name from the varieties from which it was created: Cabernet (Fran) and Sauvignon
(Blanc). It is a darker grape with a thick dark-blue skin, with a lot of tannins and
sugar (20-24%), which produces the best quality red wines.
This is the dominant variety in one of the best wine regions in the world, Bordeaux. It is part of
the famous Bordeaux coupage.

This variety produces a full-bodied wine, rich in tannins and aromas of dark fruits such as blackberry,
blueberry, cherry, plum, raspberry and white pepper. It has great aging potential, an average of 5 to 10
years, when it achieves a superb taste.