Todorovic Pinot Noir

A wine of a recognizable ruby ​​red color with a shade of onion, drinkable, with an intensely delicate taste that gives a long, balanced and pleasant fruity finish.

100% Pinot Noir

Serving temperature 16° - 18°


Alk. 13,5%

Pinot Noir

is a famous variety, a trademark of the French region of Burgundy. This variety
has a very long history, and was cultivated as early as the 14th century in Burgundy.

Pinot noir is not easy to grow, it is very sensitive,  because many factors significantly affect its development,
and spring frosts, summer rains and heat, as well as cold autumns are especially dangerous.

It produces lighter wines, with a lighter body and more piquant acids. Aromas in Pinot Noir vary depending on age and terroir. This variety is very popular and is grown all over the world, and is especially important in the production of champagne. It is most often mixed with Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier (Pinot Munier).