Todorovic Vranac

A wine with a refined taste of forest fruits and blueberries with a full and characteristic taste, balanced acids and a long lush finish.

100% Vranac

Serving temperature 16° - 18 °


Alk. 13,5%


Vranc is used to produce a medium to full-bodied wine that is rich in plum,
cherry and berry aromas. The taste is full, rich in alcohol and extract. It has harmonious acids
and a good tannic structure, which creates the potential for aging.

This grape has a very high content of proanthocyanidol, which has a positive effect on
the cardiovascular system.

The berries are large or medium in size and slightly elongated. The skin is thin or medium thick, smooth, without spots. The color is red-blue with an abundant stalk. The grapes ripen in the III era. It is a well-known variety.