About the winery

The Todorovic Winery is located in the village of Potrkanje near Knjazevac. The winery deals with the organic production of grapes and wine. The production and protection of grapes is based on organic preparations prescribed by the Ministry of Agriculture and the certification house Ekocert. Since 2021, the winery has officially protected the certification process that lasted for three years and has the possibility to mark its wines as an organic product. The Todorović Winery has 27 ha, where there are varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Vranac, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, and since 2019, Chardonnay. In 2018, a winery was built, which includes a tasting room as well as a barrique room intended for wine aging.

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Organic protection and production of grapes

From soil cultivation, vine cultivation, hand picking, through the use of the natural slopes of the terrain for decanting from freshly crushed grapes to organic vinification with minimal use of sulfites, everything is adapted to obtain the pure wine nectar of this climate as a final product, refined by knowledge and tradition. accumulated over the centuries. Organic protection of our plantations involves the use of natural methods of combating pests and parasites, specific tillage, manual weed control, as well as the use of other plants that protect the vine naturally. Of the chemical agents in use, only copper sulfate is used. blue Rock.

Hand picking

All 27 hectares are harvested by hand, in order to harvest undamaged grapes and preserve all the highest quality ingredients of grape grains and juices, as well as to prevent spoilage of grapes due to damage during picking. The top selection of grapes is also carried out by hand picking, where those grapes that do not meet the high criteria for any reason are left out and do not even enter the winery. In this way, we get the basis for the production of premium wine, according to the highest standards of the wine industry.

Protection of nature and the environment

In the organic Todorović Winery, very high attention is paid to the protection of nature, where it is taken into account that not a single activity or used tool in any way negatively affects nature and the health of people and the ecosystem. Commitment to ecology, organic production, sustainability is not only reflected in the Ecocert certificate on organic production, but also in the entire range of activities of the Todorović Winery, which are carried out in the vineyards and grape cultivation, as well as in the winery and wine production. Without compromise in the pursuit of ecological and sustainable wine production, with zero tolerance for ecosystem disruption.


Practice from French cellars and vineyards

Winery Todorovic relies on the best European traditions and practices of French wineries, where the trend of organic wine growing began as an aspiration to preserve the specifics of the terroir and soul of wine, as opposed to industrial cultivation and chemical manipulation of its flavors. The philosophy that terorar understands as a unity: Man, land, fruit and the fermentation process, leads from a true idea to its materialization in the glass in front of you. It requires high hygiene standards in the cellar itself, as well as in the vineyard.

Vineyards - soil cultivation

Specific pruning, the practice of wire tensioning that allows for even exposure of leaves and fruit to the sun and ventilation, has its own specific role in that process. Exposing the vine to controlled stress in organic growth without artificial fertilizers contributes to its long-term resistance and character definition, and the mixture of wild and cultivated yeasts in vinification to its authentic and recognizable final expression. Understanding wine as a noble aspiration to know one's own self, and the truth of the land on which both wine and man grow over the centuries, contributes to it becoming our friend, our food and our medicine.

Cultivated - natural yeasts

Wine yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisae) is a microorganism responsible for the creation of wine and for a good part of the aromas that determine the wine's character. The yeast carries out the fermentation of the wine, where the preparation of natural yeasts is carried out under very controlled conditions, before adding the yeast to the must.



Organic Winery Todorović wants to provide wine lovers with a superb atmosphere, where the consumption of wine takes place conscientiously and responsibly. It favors the appreciation and respect of wine, where wine is consumed in a gentlemanly and measured way, in order to reveal the best qualities of wine and provide maximum enjoyment of wines. Wine requires moderation, with which it becomes an essential element in promoting health and well-being. With moderation in wine consumption, wine becomes food, which has essential ingredients in ideal quantities, influencing the increase of health and longevity of people.