Todorovic Shiraz

The wine is ruby ​​red in color, with a fruity aroma dominated by aromas of black and red berries with discreet notes of chocolate and a hint of spicy notes similar to pepper. It has a persistent structure with balanced tannins and a very exciting finish.

100% Shiraz

Serving temperature 16° - 18 °


Alk. 13,5%

100% organic


is a high-quality grape that thrives in both warm and cold regions.
The variety is planted all over the world, but the content of the bottle depends on the climate. Shiraz is relatively easy to grow, especially
in warmer climates, and has high yields.

Shiraz wines have long been used primarily for coupages, as they contribute to the fullness of the blend.
This variety is responsible for some of the darkest, full-bodied wines around the world. Firm tannins, peppery
aromas in the finish, aromas of forest fruits, olives and sweet blueberries will be felt in wines
produced in the New World, while higher acidity, earthy and herbal aromas are noticeable in
French and Italian shiraz.


Shiraz is ideal for barrel aging and maturation. As it ages, it gains complexity, and new, sweet aromas also appear.