Todorovic Chardonnay

Crystal clear wine, golden yellow in color with a perfectly balanced alcohol and acid content. The wine is characterized by an intense and ripe aroma of pear mixed with tropical aromas, floral tones and very fine notes of pepper. A full refined taste, imbued with a mild minerality with recognizable varietal characteristics.

100% Chardonnay

Serving temperature 8° - 10°


Alk. 13%

100% organic


together with (Cabernet Sauvignon), represents
the prototype of generally accepted varieties, because thanks to its physiological properties it is very successfully
cultivated in almost all wine-growing regions of the world.

This variety tends to collect a high level of sugar (20-24%), but while maintaining a harmonious
The Chardonnay variety is characterized by good vigor, upright position of young shoots, very early
onset of vegetation, good tolerance to low temperatures and early
ripening. Gives medium and stable yields. It adapts well to growing forms of less
expansion and short pruning, and in northern areas it is better suited to long, but not too
abundant pruning.

The variety is sensitive to gray mold of grapes, and is especially sensitive to phytoplasma yellowing of the vine. Refreshing, drinkable, elegant and aromatic wines of mineral character, with floral and fruity aromas
are mainly produced from this variety . This variety is also very important in the production of sparkling wines in colder regions, where the wine expresses its aroma of lemons and green apples.